OK! So my point here is not “OMG, isn’t creationism stupid you guys? Look at the dumb religious people.”

My point is: Why are we having a political debate as to whether or not we should teach religious parables along with science in science class or not? This is Archduke of Crazyslavia, Bonkers Von Nonsense VII.

Think about this: Imagine there was suddenly a growing faction of people whose religion conflicted with the Gym class their kids were learning in public school. And instead of like, push-ups and that rockin’ parachute thing, their idea of physical fitness was from a 3,000 year-old book. And this ancient tome said that the best way to get in shape was: Eat Mallomars and jerk off all day.

Now. Would you:

A) Say “Hey, man. Do whatever you want! Maybe teach your method at the B’nai Nabisco down the street. But I think the class should be taught things that are based off falsifiable theories that have been tested and proven?”
B) Call your local school all the time and complain that the kids should spend a few weeks eating Mallomars and jerking off instead of regular Gym class?

You know what? Scratch that. This sounds awesome.